Texas Social Security Disability Attorneys

Navigating the bureaucracy surrounding Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be difficult if you plan to do so alone. Moreover, denials may have little to do with your case and instead focus on technicalities.


The Helton Law Firm can help people who need help applying for Social Security benefits, as well as, walking them through the SSD appeals process if they have been denied benefits. Contact us today for your initial consultation with one of our Waco Social Security Disability attorneys.

Deadlines, Details, and the Waiting Game

Did you know that the typical processing time of a claim for social security could take as long as five months? The process may be delayed even more because you do not provide all of the correct information. Examples of necessary details include a broad range of medical facts.

  • An exhaustive list of treating personnel. You must provide contact information for caseworkers, physicians, and others who treated you. Do so for each visit.

  • Medical records. The agency wants to see medical records from all care professionals. This includes lab results.

You only have a limited window of time to file your claim and provide supporting documents. If this time elapses, you may have to deal with a denial of benefits just because of a technicality.

Common Misconceptions about Social Security Disability Insurance

Your doctor may have told you that you are disabled. This is not sufficient for the agency. Instead, you must be able to prove that the condition leading to your disability has lasted at least a year or will likely last longer. Moreover, the impairment must prevent you from doing substantial work. Partial disability is insufficient for meriting a claim of disability under social security.

What Happens If Your Claim Gets Denied

It is not unusual to receive an initial denial of benefits. Many times, there are mistakes in the application, a failure to provide a minute detail, or the inability to produce a test result that leads to an quick denial. People who go it alone typically try to file an appeal. This requires extensive phone work or online interactions.

How a Texas Attorney Can Help You

A qualified attorney with an emphasis in the SSDI practice area can help you from the start. They direct staff members to put together an application package that does not contain any errors or omission, which can prevent a denial of benefits based on incomplete paperwork. But it goes further than that.


If the state agency denies your claim, you still have options open to you. Receiving guidance during the appeals process puts you in charge of the proceedings. With an attorney by your side, you feel comfortable demanding your rights. The goal is to resolve your case in the paperwork stage, however, if it becomes necessary, you will have representation in the courtroom to help you argue your case in front of a Social Security Administration Law Judge.


Do not allow requests for paperwork to overwhelm you. If you receive a denial, do not take no for an answer. You have rights. The Helton Law Firm wants to help you protect them. Call 254-755-8880 today to schedule a client consultation.