Texas Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you've recently been injured while working, you have legal rights that you may not know about. At the Helton Law Firm, our Texas workers compensation attorneys are dedicated to helping you learn about your rights and helping you through the process of dealing with insurance companies.


Our attorneys will thoroughly examine the details of your case to determine your rights under current workers' compensation laws in Texas. We always work closely with our clients to eliminate the painful uncertainty that often comes with being hurt while on the job.

Potential Benefits

Our reputable lawyers will always fight for your benefits. In addition to compensation to make up for lost income, you might also find yourself facing long-term medical bills from a range of services. These may include the following:

  • Short-term hospital stays

  • Surgeries and other invasive medical procedures

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

  • Medication

Approved compensation payments directly related to medical treatment are generally made directly to the healthcare provider. If a loved one has died while on the job, financial dependents may be entitled to a settlement that will provide them with support for a set number of years.

Injuries Covered

A broad array of injuries are covered by workers' compensation. Our law firm can help you receive appropriate compensation for a range of conditions.


In short, injuries that are received on the job that significantly affect your ability to earn an income are likely to be eligible for workers' compensation. You may be entitled to this by law, and we will work to build a case favorable to you in court.

Choosing the Helton Law Firm

At the Helton Law Firm, we are dedicated to defending your legal rights. We'll gather information on your injuries, file all necessary court documents as needed, and serve as your trusted advocate throughout the entirety of the legal process. If your claim is at first denied, we can fight to get it accepted, and get your benefits started. Workers' Compensation law can be quite complicated, therefore, it is always best to have an experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable law firm driving your case forward.


If you have recently been injured on the job and are looking for legal help, contact us right away at 254-755-8880  for more information and further assistance.